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FMP ACADEMY was created with the sole purpose of imparting skill-based education to the young generation of today to equip and empower them to hold a distinct place for themselves in society.The FMP training modules have been designed and developed with care and in-depth research to encompass three distinct areas: Computational Thinking, Resilience, and Problem Solving.

Computational Thinking

In today’s digital era, coding has become an imperative skill that young children should adapt to; clearly, the future lies in coding. It will soon be considered a life skill and not merely an extended branch of computational study. Coding isn’t just about computers; it teaches children to think. It is said that thinkers are doers, and this will set apart performers from the ordinary.
Creative Ideas and Logical Thinking is what gives an edge to Computer programming. To be a good programmer and do efficient coding, the children must know how to apply logical thinking.
Computational Thinking is defined by four main aspects namely decomposition, pattern recognition, abstraction, and algorithms.
● Decomposition is the process of breaking down complex problems into smaller, simpler problems.
● Pattern recognition helps connect similar problems
● Abstraction teaches to identify only important information leaving aside the irrelevant ones
● Algorithms are then used to design simple steps to solve complex problems.
As simple as it sounds, computational thinking kicks start the process of molding a brilliant, rational thinking and creative child full of ideas.


Resilience is one of the biggest takeaways from learning to code. Coding teaches children how to try something new, fail at it, but rise above the failure and try again. They learn to take with them the positivity of trying again and never giving up. The persistence at achieving a feat becomes an inherent trait in the children as they get trained in coding.
Coding teaches children that failure isn’t the end of anything,, and it makes them try again and again until they ‘debug’ the issue and become successful. This translates into their basic nature with the constant training that we offer in coding. Understanding computers and learning the basics of coding teaches them the creative and logical methodology to use Math to solve problems. Learning coding at an early age helps in molding them quite young.
Problem Solving
At every stage in life, problems are hurled at us from varied spheres. Success comes only to those who are adept at problem-solving irrespective of the magnitude of the issue. Parents would always wish for their children to stand up for themselves, sort out any problems that they face at any point in time in life and become successful. Coding is all about finding ways and means, both creatively and logically, to solve problems. Learning coding at an early age helps hone these soft skills without putting in any additional training. One cannot emphasize enough the importance of Coding for a healthy and bright future for the children.
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